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Faulkner University Counseling Center

Evaluation of Services

Please mark the response to each of the following statements which best described your counseling experience at the Faulkner University Counseling Center. Your responses are anonymous.

College Classification:
How many counseling
sessions did you attend?

Indicate your reason(s) for seeking counseling
(Check all that apply):
(e.g., study skills, time management, test anxiety, academic requirement)
(e.g., personal, emotional, relationship, family concerns)
(e.g., major, career choice, planning for the future)

Evaluation Scale for the Survey

Strongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly AgreeNot Applicable

1. I found the center to be accessible as a student.
2. Appointment and scheduling procedures were clear.
3. I felt that the counseling center responded to my needs in a timely manner
4. I felt that my counselor respected me as a person.
5. I felt that my counselor understood the concerns I brought to counseling.
6. My counselor helped me address my problems effectively.
7. I am handling things better now because I received counseling.
8. My experience at the counseling center has increased the chances that I will stay in college.
9. Please rate the overall level of distress that brought you to counseling.
10. Please rate the overall level of that same distress at the time you stopped counseling.
11. How could we improve the Counseling Center?

12. Additional Comments: